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BishonenWorks Fiction – Fan and Original Fiction by P.L. Nunn


Almost nothing here is safe for work. Enjoy. PG – Plot with no sexual or violent content. R – Plot with mild sexual or violent content. NC-17 -Graphic sex or ...

Bishonen Works


BishonenWorks Erotic comic Art Series by P.L. Nunn


Available in Perfect-bound paperback and PDF ebooks at Lulu.com. BishonenWorks Erotic comic Art, BishonenWorks Erotic comic Art book 2, and ...

P.L. Nunn -- The Boy-toy World of P.L. Nunn (vol VIII ... - Sequential Tart


When you surf over to Bishonen Works, the mesmerizing Dark Prince of P.L. Nunn's original yaoi fiction Bloodraven welcomes you, embraces you, lubricates  ...

BishonenWorks Color Art Collection Series by P.L. Nunn


Available in Perfect-bound paperback and PDF ebooks at Lulu.com. BishonenWorks Color Art Collection #1, BishonenWorks Color Art Collection #2,  ...



BEST OF BISHONEN compiles the up-to-date art of 79 artists who are known among Fujoshi or Yaoi girls for their work of ikemen or beautiful boys. Each artist is ...

Bishounen Series/Works


This is a list of light novel and manga volumes from the Bishounen Series.

little-ita-666 (bishonen works and yaoi addict) | DeviantArt


hiyya! muki^^ ! (héhé c'ets vrai que point de vue graphique, en ce moemnt c'est mort! ^^ bah pour tout d'ailleurs!) Merci beaucoup! :glomp: Reply · :iconeraphim:.

Pam Nunnally's Books and Publications Spotlight


The best of P.L. Nunn's BishonenWorks color art collection book 4. Illustrations ranging from anime to slash and original works. If you love beautiful bishonen in  ...

Bishonen (film) - Wikipedia


Bishonen is a 1998 Hong Kong romantic drama film about an ill-fated gay romance. Written and directed by Yonfan, the film stars Stephen Fung, Daniel Wu and Shu Qi. In 2011, the film was screened at the 16th Busan International Film Festival as part of a retrospective of Yonfan's work, ...

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